Sarris Holiday Candy Fundraiser - In addition to our catalog orders, we will also try online orders this year.  Catalogs will be located by the band box in the band room, please have your child grab one while they are in class. See attached details for online orders too.

Sale Starts - Tuesday, October 6th

Orders & Payments Due - Thursday - October 29th 

Delivery/Pick-Up - Tuesday, December 1st Location TBA


Please contact Michelle Pollak or

412-498-7776 with any questions.


Texas Roadhouse - Rolls, Butter & Gift Cards, we will be sending details out soon as this year we will be completing everything online so stay tuned...


Wreaths & Swags - new for this year, we are teaming up with a farm to sell some holiday wreaths and swags, please stay tuned for details coming soon too...



Jenny Lee Swirl Breads & Cookies - Since we cannot make homemade hoagies this year, we are replacing that with Jenny Lee. We are working with a local Pittsburgh company so let’s try our best to sell as many as we do at hoagie time so you can keep your students’ “band accounts” growing.


Sale Starts - Tuesday, Sept 1st 2020

Orders & Payments Due - Friday, Sept 25th 

Delivery/Pick-Up - Tuesday, October 6th @ HS Common Area (4:30PM - 5:30PM)


Please contact Francesca Leverich at or 412-722-9735 with any questions.


Pepperoni Rolls - your favorite snack is back and they are now selling in packs of 6 rolls in zip locked, resealable bag instead of selling them individually. Each roll is still $2.00, with a commission of $1/roll ;however, you will receive them packaged differently and they cost $12/pak with a commission of $6/pak.

Sale Starts - Tuesday, Sept 1st 2020

Orders & Payments Due - Friday, Sept 18th 2020

Delivery/Pick-Up - Tuesday, October 6th @ HS Common Area (4:30PM - 5:30PM)


Please contact Julie Nangle at  or 412-897-4590 with any questions.




We have our annual Band Festival Ad sales for the program (Due back by Sept 1st) and Spirit Wear (orders due by August 21st). 
Julie Nangle
Co-2nd Vice President,
Chartiers Valley Showband Boosters
Peppi's Pre-Made Hoagiess - starts now and due by Monday, July 27th
All orders with payment MUST be in by the end date!
(Check or Money Order made payable to CVBB; NO CASH for your protection!)
Delivery Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2019
Before the Band Booster Meeting
For questions, please call Julie Nangle at 412-897-4590 or email
CVBB Fan Shirts - 
Please turn in all forms to Hannah Hargraves by August 6th!!
If you have any questions please contact either Hannah Hargraves
( or Julie Nangle ( or 412-897-4590)



CV Showband, CharValette & Majorette Masks 2020


Each mask is $10. You will receive $2 credit for each mask ordered. For names over 5 letters, there will be an extra $2 charge. Shorter names will work better on the masks.


Please make checks payable to CVBB and return with Order Forms to Mimi Exler by June 30th. Orders will be filled in the order received. 

412-580-2746 1072 Bank St Bridgeville 15017 



2020-2021 Sarris Candy Fundraiser

Runs … June – October 2020

Contact: Marlo Marasco - 310 Greenfield Drive, Oakdale 15071

Text/Call (412-377-2241) or E-mail: 


  • The boxes of candy are available in almond, peanut butter, milk chocolate or crispy only; if you would like mixed, you will have to buy 1 box of each flavor.
  • The boxes are 48$ per box and student profit is 24$ per box.
  • The candy will be available at my house on Monday evenings from 5:30PM - 8:00PM and please tell me what boxes you would like/when you plan on coming.
    • I will also bring the candy to the monthly band meetings. 
  • Candy Boxes must be paid for at time of sale.
    • You may make payment at candy pick up at my house or at the band meetings.
  • Please remember to have the check made payable to: CVBB
    • Please have the student's name written in the memo line on the check.

No cash payment will be accepted



Chartiers Valley Showband




Begins: May 23, 2020 Ends: June 30, 2020

Drawing: July 4, 2020


  • Winning number based on PA Lottery Pick 3 (evening) drawing on July 4, 2020
  • • $5.00 per ticket • 2 SEASON TICKETS (Home Games) Section 123, Row L, Seats 8 & 9 If season is cancelled due to Covid-19, you will receive $2,000.00
  • • Raffle tickets distributed in packs of 5 at $25 per pack, you are responsible for payment when you take the tickets.
  • • All stubs are to be returned to whom you got the tickets off of by June 30, 2020 – No Exceptions
  • • NO CASH – Standard fundraiser payment rules apply - Checks or Money Orders only --- Payable to CVBB 

  • TICKET PICKUP: May 23, 2020 – At flower/band packet pick up from 10am~Noon at Collier Community Park (Back Lot)
  • Also, tickets can be arranged to be picked up from: Deb May, text/call #412-427-1749 Julie Nagle, text/call #412-897-4590




The Chartiers Valley Showband is selling Pepperoni Rolls from...That's A Wrap.

Sales Begins: January 7, 2020

Sales End: January 24, 2020

Price: $2.00 per roll Earn: 50% per roll

Pick-up Date: February 4, 2020

Pick-up Location: HS Common Area

Pick-up Times: 4:30 – 5:30pm

Turn the bottom, with payment, into the band box, NO LATER than Friday January 24th .

Payments must be made in the form of 1 check or money order made payable to CVBB; NO CASH please.

If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Franczak by cell at 412-913-4958 or email at